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3 Valuable Tips to Know When Moving your College Student

Summer is upon us. My kids are getting out of school very shortly. While there are certainly family vacations in the future of many, some are preoccupied with getting their new college student’s plans aligned. Moving is stressful to most of us: ranked just below divorce. It can be even more so when your son or daughter is going to be living by themselves in a strange city perhaps on the other side of the country from you.

When I went into college, it was easy. The school was 8 hours away and we had a mini-van, so we loaded it up and got ready to go. Then, the morning of, the van didn’t start… So that necessitated a last minute repacking into a small four door sedan. Many items were left behind. Often we are lucky enough to get to drive our kids there, but not always…

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Check out these simple ideas to make moving more economical, easy, and effective.

There are a few ways to go about this, but here are some tips for getting your college student there safely and with all they need.

When packing, put all the books, DVDs, and magazines together in one box. This can be sent media mail, also known as book rate. It’s probably the most economical way to get something across the country.

Spending the money to move the basics may just be throwing cash down the drain. Unless your college-bound child is going to be in a really remote backwater town somewhere, save your money in the shipment of shampoo, soap, notebooks, office supplies… Instead, get them a gift card to Target or Wal-Mart and let them load up when they get there. Or let Amazon drop ship it for you.

Consider a slow boat….er…truck. Most of the time all the items won’t be needed right away, especially if on-campus housing and a dining hall are part of the plan. So consider sending something via truck in what is called LTL, or Less than Truck Load. At Postal Connections we do a large number of these for customers who are not moving furniture, or who are moving only smaller pieces. It’s more economical than sending the boxes one at a time. These items should be properly boxed and strapped to a pallet to ensure safe arrival.

I hope these tips help your high school grads move onto their next adventure!

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Prepaid Returns

What do you do with those prepaid boxes?

How do you know what to do with those boxes you have to return. You know the ones I’m speaking of: the company you purchased from kindly gave you a return label. The first thing to know is if the return label is included or if it will be deducted from your refund. Sometimes there are less expensive options, but often sellers have a great deal of inventory and can have items returned relatively inexpensively.

So how do you know where to bring it?

Stores like Postal Connections ( will take all major carriers to make your returns a one-stop event. We will even tape for you if you need it!

If this is not an option for you, there are other choices. If the label looks like this:


Then it goes to the Post Office. Whenever you see the USPS, that stands for United States Postal Service. Sometimes you’ll see both on one label:


You’ll note UPS and USPS on these labels. You can bring this to either location: the post office or a UPS store (look for that UPS logo in the window).

FedEx and USPS also team up, though it’s less obvious:


This is a Smarpost label and that bottom number is actually a FedEx Ground tracking number.

It gets complicated as there are easily a dozen other iterations of labels. When in doubt, look for a few key things to help you:

USPS – United States Post Office

UPS – United Parcel Service


-FedEx Ground (The H stands for home delivery, but a FedEx location is still your spot as this just indicates delivery to a house instead of a business!)


I hope this makes it a LITTLE easier to recognize how to get your return shipped properly. If you are uncertain, do not put in a blue mail drop as this may cause issues. In many cases, it’s a bad idea either way because if it is over 13 oz, you’ll need to drop it to a person.

What does it mean to have something Drop Shipped?

We hear the term all the time: I’ll drop ship it to you. But what does that even mean?  And is it good or bad?

Well, suppose you have a business you run out of your home selling knitted scarves. You have 3 different sizes and 5 different colors and you keep a stock of one or two of each on hand, depending on demand. Let’s say you’re selling these on Etsy or Artfire or another online sales tool. You get an order. Yippie!

You jump in the car, drive to your local shipping store, and send it out. Maybe you have a stock of mailers, maybe you buy one there. You get your tracking number, go back home and input it for your customer.

You made your first sale, congrats!!

But an hour later another order comes in. You hop back into the car…and you see where this is going. So what’s the alternative?

Have it drop shipped.

You keep your inventory stored someplace else. When you get an order, this location receives it as well, ships it (with your address as the return address), and sends both you and the customer a confirmation of shipment. Your drop ship company invoices you monthly or in some other agreed upon interval and also notifies you when the inventory is getting low.

And that’s drop shipping. This is why you can order something from a company in San Francisco and see a postmark of Seattle. It is also why when you return an item, sometimes you’ll be returning it to a completely different address than it was sent from. This is important to note in this world of online orders: if you’re returning an item, make certain you’ve contacted the company first.

If this is a need you have, please contact us at 858-483-1909!

Shredding Services

Did you know…

We offer document shredding services?

So easy to do. Bring in your boxes, grocery bags, and arms full of papers that you need to be shredded. Why do we shred?

Privacy is the number one reason, of course. The results of untangling a mess of identity theft can be long, tedious, and expensive. The consequences can last far beyond just a few letters to the credit agencies. All of our shredding is stored securely and then shredded on site.

Environmental awareness is another advantage. All shredding is recycled. The following is information from Shred-It, the service we partner with.


Consider if it’s time to clean out your filing cabinet! We always offer safe, secure shredding – on site!

A Few of my Favorite Things…

I am fully aware that shipping information, while good and valuable to many, is not something we curl up at night to read about. It is a necessity, not something that is fun or relaxing. Very little of my job is relaxing, but much of it is fun!

Even more of it is meaningful.notary

A woman came in the other day – I had never met her before, it was her first time in my store. She was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet and suddenly burst out “I’m celebrating tonight!” I said, “Oh, wonderful, what are you celebrating?” She went on to tell me that a job had just opened up and she’d had a wonderful interview for it. Her dream was to be a child oncologist. I remarked that must be a difficult job and she said, “Well, I was a sick child, so I think I can do good.”

It was dust in my eye, I swear it. In fact, it is now, too, as I recollect the event.

Every day I get to meet people like this. One thing I tell my customers is “People are wonderful if you give them the chance.”

So, yes, the nuts and bolts of my business involves DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS… It’s copies and scanning and faxing, notary and mailbox rentals and… the list goes on and on. But at the end of the day, that’s not what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. And as corny as it may sound, that’s what has enabled me to work 6 days a week for the past 6 years without completely running myself into the ground. I love being that little part of people’s lives. some joyous, some heart-breaking, but they feel they can confide in me and that’s…priceless.

High Speed Internet and PC Rental Service

In today’s fast-paced and hi-tech world, many people can already connect to the internet through their mobile phone and tablets. However, there may be instances when high speed internet connection is needed. In such cases, going to an internet or computer shop would be the next best option.

If you’re in the San Diego area, one of the reliable establishments that offer access to a fast computer and high-speed internet would be POSTAL CONNECTIONS. Individuals stressing over finding a good shop that offer these and more will be happy with our service! At Postal Connections, we provide high speed internet and computer rentals.

Potential customers looking to access the internet to check latest news, update their resume or check their emails can do so at Postal Connections. Customers can also use our PC rental units to create or edit documents, prepare marketing materials, do a little online shopping or simply check their social media accounts.

Apart from PC rentals, we can assist you in your various printing needs. As soon as you’re happy with the final layout or design of your marketing materials and other documents, Postal Connections can help in printing these materials! We even have a variety of papers to choose from. We can also print in black or colored formats.

Need to bind your documents together or laminate print-outs? Postal Connections can help! We also offer folding, stapling, binding and laminating services. Simply consult our team of expert professionals for your printing needs.

If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at

DHL Express Shipping Service at Postal Connections

Are you moving to another country? Need an expert company to handle your international shipments? DHL Express can help! Since 1969, DHL Express has been sending shipments to many locations in more than 220 countries!

The company has even partnered with many local firms to serve as one of its authorized shipping locations. At POSTAL CONNECTIONS, we have been identified as part of DHL’s Authorized Shipping Center (DASC) in San Diego, California. In case you are worried over the daunting task of preparing the documentary requirements and understanding the complicated customs and country regulations, our expert staff members can assist you with your international shipping needs.

We can help you provide valuable information and advice on the international packing standards and materials that should be used following country and customs regulations. Our services also extend to helping you understand and manage shipping documents such as airway bills, commercial and pro forma invoices, proof of value and customs documents. Postal Connections even offers international declared value protection, as well package insurance.

Apart from providing assistance for your international shipping needs, we also offer quality packing services. You don’t have to worry about your valuable items being damaged during an international shipment. Our shipping and packing experts will be able to pack your items using the right materials and with care, so that it arrives in perfect condition to you or your intended recipient! Postal Connections also offer competitive rates for your shipping needs!

If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at


Direct Mail Services Just For You!

In today’s highly mobile and high-tech world, the novelty of receiving actual mails may have worn off for some. However, it is still considered as a reliable source of communication.

Online mails and other forms of electronic media may have replaced snail mails or actual mails. There are still some instances where even the most important email gets buried under the pile of electronic messages that a person can receive in a day. It also does not include the influx of messages from social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are also information coming from mobile text messages and those through online messaging sites such as Skype or Viber.

However, if a person would like to ensure that a recipient looks at or reads an important notice, the best way to do so would be through an actual mail. Some may consider it old school, but it is still a dependable form of getting a message across since most people look at the “real” mails that they receive, as compared to email notices.

At POSTAL CONNECTIONS, we offer an efficient direct mail service to individuals or businesses located in the San Diego area in California. Our Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service includes postage, mail piece design, printing, mailing list and turn-key direct mail campaigns.

Need a provider to handle your Direct Mail marketing programs? Our highly trained staff at Postal Connections can help you with your mailing promotion campaign needs. We also offer our services at a very affordable and low cost that will definitely fit your budget!

If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at

Fax Service that Caters to San Diego Residents and Businesses

Don’t have a fax machine at home or in your office? Need to receive or send important messages or documents through fax? Postal Connections can help!

Setting up your own fax machine, as well as a dedicated line for it can be quite a hassle. You can avoid all that headache through our high-speed fax services. At POSTAL CONNECTIONS, we offer quality service to residents and local businesses located in California’s San Diego area. Apart from shipping, packing, digital mailbox rentals, printing and other services, we can also serve as your central hub for all your fax needs.

We utilize the latest and fastest fax equipment available to ensure that we maintain quality service to our clients. You won’t have to miss a fax message ever again, since our services include prompt client notification every time a fax comes for you. You would just need to ensure that the sender includes your name and email or other contact details so that we could reach you.

In case you’re worried about sending or receiving international messages through fax, our services also cover incoming and outgoing long distance faxes. We also cater to residents or businesses that need local or domestic fax services. Postal Connections even has satellite fax number sending as part of our services.

You only need to provide our fax number and we’ll handle the rest for you! If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at

Looking for a Digital Mailbox? Check Out Postal Connections’ Virtual Mailbox Service!

In today’s high-tech world, individuals as well as businesses have turned into the world of digital or virtual services. An example are newspaper and magazine subscriptions that have now turned digital. In fact, the days of seeing paper copies are fast disappearing. The same can be said of the postal service. With various online services available in the internet, along with other means of mobile communication, people can now receive and send off mails in an instant.

However, the digital mailbox service that POSTAL CONNECTIONS offer is more extensive than the usual e-mail or online account. Apart from it being the virtual hub of your mail requirements, we can also help you in scanning and storing documents. Clients can also use their Digital Mailbox account with us to manage their parcels, actual paper mails and packages 24/7. Our service even helps to end the guessing game of trying to remember the contents of mailing boxes. It’s even better than having a P.O. box account!

We also provide added security and increased privacy for clients who are weary of potential incidents of mail or package theft. Even small business owners can maximize the use of their Postal Connections’ Digital Mailbox service by adding a phone or fax line to create a virtual office. Families or individuals who would want to keep their actual addresses and contact details private, may instead opt to use their Digital Mailbox address and phone account info.

Postal Connections’ private Digital Mailbox service powered by iPostal1 is also perfect for expats or constant travelers. The service allows them to easily track their personal mail, as well as shop U.S websites, consolidate packages and even save on shipping costs by using their digital mailbox account.

Cost-wise, the service is also very affordable! At a monthly plan rate that starts at $9.99, individuals can already enjoy the benefits of Postal Connections’ digital mailbox service.

If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at