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Looking for a Digital Mailbox? Check Out Postal Connections’ Virtual Mailbox Service!

March 15, 2016

In today’s high-tech world, individuals as well as businesses have turned into the world of digital or virtual services. An example are newspaper and magazine subscriptions that have now turned digital. In fact, the days of seeing paper copies are fast disappearing. The same can be said of the postal service. With various online services available in the internet, along with other means of mobile communication, people can now receive and send off mails in an instant.

However, the digital mailbox service that POSTAL CONNECTIONS offer is more extensive than the usual e-mail or online account. Apart from it being the virtual hub of your mail requirements, we can also help you in scanning and storing documents. Clients can also use their Digital Mailbox account with us to manage their parcels, actual paper mails and packages 24/7. Our service even helps to end the guessing game of trying to remember the contents of mailing boxes. It’s even better than having a P.O. box account!

We also provide added security and increased privacy for clients who are weary of potential incidents of mail or package theft. Even small business owners can maximize the use of their Postal Connections’ Digital Mailbox service by adding a phone or fax line to create a virtual office. Families or individuals who would want to keep their actual addresses and contact details private, may instead opt to use their Digital Mailbox address and phone account info.

Postal Connections’ private Digital Mailbox service powered by iPostal1 is also perfect for expats or constant travelers. The service allows them to easily track their personal mail, as well as shop U.S websites, consolidate packages and even save on shipping costs by using their digital mailbox account.

Cost-wise, the service is also very affordable! At a monthly plan rate that starts at $9.99, individuals can already enjoy the benefits of Postal Connections’ digital mailbox service.

If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at


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