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DHL Express Shipping Service at Postal Connections

April 5, 2016

Are you moving to another country? Need an expert company to handle your international shipments? DHL Express can help! Since 1969, DHL Express has been sending shipments to many locations in more than 220 countries!

The company has even partnered with many local firms to serve as one of its authorized shipping locations. At POSTAL CONNECTIONS, we have been identified as part of DHL’s Authorized Shipping Center (DASC) in San Diego, California. In case you are worried over the daunting task of preparing the documentary requirements and understanding the complicated customs and country regulations, our expert staff members can assist you with your international shipping needs.

We can help you provide valuable information and advice on the international packing standards and materials that should be used following country and customs regulations. Our services also extend to helping you understand and manage shipping documents such as airway bills, commercial and pro forma invoices, proof of value and customs documents. Postal Connections even offers international declared value protection, as well package insurance.

Apart from providing assistance for your international shipping needs, we also offer quality packing services. You don’t have to worry about your valuable items being damaged during an international shipment. Our shipping and packing experts will be able to pack your items using the right materials and with care, so that it arrives in perfect condition to you or your intended recipient! Postal Connections also offer competitive rates for your shipping needs!

If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at



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