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Direct Mail Services Just For You!

In today’s highly mobile and high-tech world, the novelty of receiving actual mails may have worn off for some. However, it is still considered as a reliable source of communication.

Online mails and other forms of electronic media may have replaced snail mails or actual mails. There are still some instances where even the most important email gets buried under the pile of electronic messages that a person can receive in a day. It also does not include the influx of messages from social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are also information coming from mobile text messages and those through online messaging sites such as Skype or Viber.

However, if a person would like to ensure that a recipient looks at or reads an important notice, the best way to do so would be through an actual mail. Some may consider it old school, but it is still a dependable form of getting a message across since most people look at the “real” mails that they receive, as compared to email notices.

At POSTAL CONNECTIONS, we offer an efficient direct mail service to individuals or businesses located in the San Diego area in California. Our Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service includes postage, mail piece design, printing, mailing list and turn-key direct mail campaigns.

Need a provider to handle your Direct Mail marketing programs? Our highly trained staff at Postal Connections can help you with your mailing promotion campaign needs. We also offer our services at a very affordable and low cost that will definitely fit your budget!

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Fax Service that Caters to San Diego Residents and Businesses

Don’t have a fax machine at home or in your office? Need to receive or send important messages or documents through fax? Postal Connections can help!

Setting up your own fax machine, as well as a dedicated line for it can be quite a hassle. You can avoid all that headache through our high-speed fax services. At POSTAL CONNECTIONS, we offer quality service to residents and local businesses located in California’s San Diego area. Apart from shipping, packing, digital mailbox rentals, printing and other services, we can also serve as your central hub for all your fax needs.

We utilize the latest and fastest fax equipment available to ensure that we maintain quality service to our clients. You won’t have to miss a fax message ever again, since our services include prompt client notification every time a fax comes for you. You would just need to ensure that the sender includes your name and email or other contact details so that we could reach you.

In case you’re worried about sending or receiving international messages through fax, our services also cover incoming and outgoing long distance faxes. We also cater to residents or businesses that need local or domestic fax services. Postal Connections even has satellite fax number sending as part of our services.

You only need to provide our fax number and we’ll handle the rest for you! If you’re interested or would want to know more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at

Looking for a Digital Mailbox? Check Out Postal Connections’ Virtual Mailbox Service!

In today’s high-tech world, individuals as well as businesses have turned into the world of digital or virtual services. An example are newspaper and magazine subscriptions that have now turned digital. In fact, the days of seeing paper copies are fast disappearing. The same can be said of the postal service. With various online services available in the internet, along with other means of mobile communication, people can now receive and send off mails in an instant.

However, the digital mailbox service that POSTAL CONNECTIONS offer is more extensive than the usual e-mail or online account. Apart from it being the virtual hub of your mail requirements, we can also help you in scanning and storing documents. Clients can also use their Digital Mailbox account with us to manage their parcels, actual paper mails and packages 24/7. Our service even helps to end the guessing game of trying to remember the contents of mailing boxes. It’s even better than having a P.O. box account!

We also provide added security and increased privacy for clients who are weary of potential incidents of mail or package theft. Even small business owners can maximize the use of their Postal Connections’ Digital Mailbox service by adding a phone or fax line to create a virtual office. Families or individuals who would want to keep their actual addresses and contact details private, may instead opt to use their Digital Mailbox address and phone account info.

Postal Connections’ private Digital Mailbox service powered by iPostal1 is also perfect for expats or constant travelers. The service allows them to easily track their personal mail, as well as shop U.S websites, consolidate packages and even save on shipping costs by using their digital mailbox account.

Cost-wise, the service is also very affordable! At a monthly plan rate that starts at $9.99, individuals can already enjoy the benefits of Postal Connections’ digital mailbox service.

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Postal Connections Do More Than Just Packing, Shipping and Printing! We Give Back To The Community Too!

Many businesses nowadays have shifted some of their company’s focus from ensuring that they are getting the best returns from their investments, aside from keeping costs at a manageable level, to sharing some of what they have with the less fortunate members of the community. Various programs have been implemented such as fund-raising drives and partnering with organizations to help people in need.

At POSTAL CONNECTIONS, apart from providing quality packing materials and first-class service, we also try to do our part in providing financial assistance to those in need. Giving back to the community has even become an integral part of the company.

As part of the company’s community service initiatives, we have adapted a give back program where a small portion of our revenue is used to help improve a part of the community. Postal Connections has allocated 10 percent of the revenue we get from some of our offerings such as copy and printing services. The proceeds will be used as a donation to a school or church.

What’s great about the company’s give back program is that we let our customers identify which school or church to send the donation to.  They simply need to let us know their choices. This way, we are able to contribute to educational institutions or to the religious sector that the community or our customers have deemed most in need of financial help.

To learn more about our give back program or for more details on our other services in San Diego, California, do check out our website at or email us at


Packing boxes, bubble wraps, wine shippers and foam available here

There are times when you’ll need to find supplies to help you with your shipment needs or maybe even a simple packing job.  Depending on how large or small the item may be, or how fragile it is, one would need to proper materials to keep any item protected.  The dilemma is finding a one-stop shop that can provide you with all your shipment needs.

Worry no more since POSTAL CONNECTIONS offer a wide range of packing and moving supplies.  We have more than 30 different sizes of boxes that comes in single and double wall types.  There are also specialty boxes that can fit extra-large or extra-long items such as furniture and artwork.  For odd shaped items, we can even customize a box for you.  If you are also thinking to send wine bottles to loved ones or clients, we offer wine shippers that can keep your bottles organized and safe until it reaches its final destination.

Apart from boxes, you can also purchase bubble wraps to secure fragile items or protect it from potential bumps while moving the boxes from one location to another.  These plastic bubble wrappers can be purchased by the foot for small to mid-sized items, or by the roll for large pieces.  In case you are also looking for foam or packing peanuts, you can also find these materials from Postal Connections.

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Quality Scanning Services Offered Here

Do not have a scanner in your home or office? Need to transform a hard copy of your document into an electronic file asap? Postal Connections can help.

Postal Connections offer a wide range of scanning services to meet all your needs. We do not just scan documents, we can also convert drawing to CAD files, turn maps into electronic files, and even convert microfiche films into digital formats.

You have photos in danger of already fading away? Don’t want to lose that brown photograph of your grandparents? We can scan that for you and make them look brand new.

We also offer scanner sales and rental services. Even with our range of services, you do not have to worry about doing a poor job. We do not cover all scanning services only to give sub-par work. Our outputs are always clear, high in resolution, and of amazing value.

Compared to other companies who promise a wide range of scanning services, we value what our customers want and need. We don’t treat all customers the same, we treat them all extra-special. If you need a brand new photo of your grandparents, we can deliver. If you want your documents transformed into readable electronic formats, Postal Connections can do this in a jiffy.

We also strive to minimize our costs and maximize our outputs. You can be sure that our rates are affordable and acceptable. You can afford to scan all your documents and preserve all your memories  well and not choose between quantity and quality.

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International shipping specialist


Need to ship abroad? Have something in your online store that interests buyers from another part of the world? Look no further. We offer a range of cost-effective shipping solutions for you. We cover more than 200 countries so you can literally have your items shipped anywhere around the world.

As an international shipping specialist, we can make sure your document or item can be delivered to the right person, at the right time, and at the right place. International shipping can quite a complicated process for the less efficient shipping companies, but we got you covered. Instead of worrying about the different laws and rules that different countries have on commodities entering, let us do the worrying for you.

You do not even have to trouble yourself with knowing how much the import taxes will be, or the costs of international duties or brokerage fees. We have designated people for that. All you need to do is seek our services and we will be will you every step of the way.

Here at Postal Connections, we offer reliable and cost-efficient delivery services. We have the best trained experts who can save you time and money. We make sure your goods or personal items reach their destination without hassle and complaints. Truly, Postal Connections is the best partner to your online business.

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