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Prepaid Returns

February 6, 2018

What do you do with those prepaid boxes?

How do you know what to do with those boxes you have to return. You know the ones I’m speaking of: the company you purchased from kindly gave you a return label. The first thing to know is if the return label is included or if it will be deducted from your refund. Sometimes there are less expensive options, but often sellers have a great deal of inventory and can have items returned relatively inexpensively.

So how do you know where to bring it?

Stores like Postal Connections ( will take all major carriers to make your returns a one-stop event. We will even tape for you if you need it!

If this is not an option for you, there are other choices. If the label looks like this:


Then it goes to the Post Office. Whenever you see the USPS, that stands for United States Postal Service. Sometimes you’ll see both on one label:


You’ll note UPS and USPS on these labels. You can bring this to either location: the post office or a UPS store (look for that UPS logo in the window).

FedEx and USPS also team up, though it’s less obvious:


This is a Smarpost label and that bottom number is actually a FedEx Ground tracking number.

It gets complicated as there are easily a dozen other iterations of labels. When in doubt, look for a few key things to help you:

USPS – United States Post Office

UPS – United Parcel Service


-FedEx Ground (The H stands for home delivery, but a FedEx location is still your spot as this just indicates delivery to a house instead of a business!)


I hope this makes it a LITTLE easier to recognize how to get your return shipped properly. If you are uncertain, do not put in a blue mail drop as this may cause issues. In many cases, it’s a bad idea either way because if it is over 13 oz, you’ll need to drop it to a person.


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